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SSS® Terra Renew Blended Recycled LLDPE -33 x 39, 1.30 mil

SSS® Terra Renew Blended Recycled LLDPE -33 x 39, 1.30 mil

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Spartan Damp Mop Cleaner - Gal.

No rinse floor cleaner concentrate reduces time and labor cost of daily maintenance of high gloss, metal-interlock floor finishes. Pleasant lemon fragrance. Biodegradable. Phosphate free. Dilution: 2-6 oz. makes gallon.

Alternate #3016-1
$11.45/GA 4/CS

SSS® 4-Ply Cotton Sta-Flat Cut End Wet Mop - 24 oz.

Economical medium-duty, cut-end mop for most industrial applications. Excellent for use on a wide variety of floors and job applications.

Alternate #37684

SSS® Healthcare Can Liner - 24 x 33, Red

Red can liners designed for containing infectious wastes. Blue can liners are designed for soiled linen. Yellow liners are designed for infectious linen. The bags are impervious to moisture, tear resistant and feature distinctive coloring and markings for safe, easy identification.

Alternate #72481

SSS® Terra Renew Blended Recycled LLDPE -42 x 47, 1.70 mil

Made with high-quality blended resins. Meets or exceeds EPA Guidelines for Post-Consumer Waste Content. Super tough, great puncture and tear resistance. Seamless tubular construction. Leak-proof star seal. Designed for extra heavy-duty use. Coreless rolls for ease of use and storage. Nominal size and gauge. Black.

Alternate #72919

SSS® Terra Renew™ Can Liner - 24 x 32, 1.00 mil

Made from recycled materials, so they're an environmentally better choice. Perfect for cost-conscious users looking for a thick bag suited to heavy-duty applications. Earthcare® Can Liners meet or exceed EPA guidelines for recycled post-consumer waste content. Black.

Alternate #72651

Spartan Airlift® Fresh Scent RTU Handi Spray® - Qt.

Air freshener/deodorant. Fresh scent fragrance. Combats malodors. 12/32 oz. per case, includes 3 trigger sprayers. pH 8.0.

Alternate #3023F
$4.50/QT 12/CS

Spartan DMQ® Damp Mop Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner - Gal.

A neutral disinfectant cleaner concentrate specially designed to clean and disinfect high gloss floors. Effective as a sanitizer in 30 seconds! Dilution: 2 oz. makes gallon. pH 5.0 - 6.0. Effective against the HIV Virus, MRSA and VRE. 4 per case.

Alternate #1062-1
$13.85/GA 4/CS

SSS® FoamClean Assure Antibacterial Skin Cleaner - 1000 mL

Made without triclosan. Active Ingredient: Bezalkonium Chloride, 0.13%. Rich golden color, spring citrus fragrance; enhanced with aloe and vitamin E. Fits DuoClean dispensers, FoamClean Collections dispensers.

Alternate #44097

SSS® Galaxy High Density Coreless - 30x37, 16 mic

No other bag performs like Galaxy, easily handling the most demanding waste. Galaxy is the industry's best premium-quality, high density can liner. Environmentally friendly packaging: the cartons are manufactured from 60% recycled content and the ink used on the cartons is water based. The result: you get better performance at a lower cost. Applications: A wide range of applications, from heavy, wet and irregular refuse to light, non-sharp material like paper and cans.

Alternate #12438