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Spartan Clean by Peroxy® All Purpose Cleaner - Gal.

Spartan Clean by Peroxy® All Purpose Cleaner - Gal.

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CPI Microfiber Sponge

Alternate #MFSPONGE

SSS® Merlin Eraser Sponge

Chemical-free and only requires water to remove tough dirt, grime, stains, pencil, marker and crayon from surfaces such as walls, appliances, bathroom fixtures. Also on office equipment, patio furniture and work surfaces. Most effective on hard, smooth surfaces and fits in hands.

Alternate #46005
$3.55/EA 30/CS

SSS® Triple Carpet Cleaner/Deodorizer & Disinfectant - Gal

SSS® Triple Carpet Cleaner/Deodorizer & Hard Non-Porous Surface Disinfectant. For cleaning and deodorizing carpet. Neutralizes musty odors and tough odors from smoke, pet accidents, and spills on contact. Can be used on hard nonporous surfaces as well as carpets. 4 per case.

Alternate #48004
$18.17/GA 4/CS