Spartan Clean on the Go® NABC® Concentrate 1 - 2 L

Spartan Clean on the Go® NABC® Concentrate 1 - 2 L

Item # SP471602

  • Non-acid disinfectant bathroom cleaner. Non alkaline. NABC concentrate is non-caustic and non-abrasive. Will not harm plumbing or septic tanks.
  • 4/2 Liters; 2oz. makes gallon
  • pH 7.5
2 L, 4/cs
Alternate #4716

Will not ruin clothing or carpeting

  • Use on nearly any hard, non-porous surface without fear of etching or pitting.
  • Film free! NABC concentrate is an excellent cleaner-disinfectant for restroom partitions, sinks, seats, dispensers and chrome fixtures. Use for floor mopping and eliminate the time and labor normally required for rinsing.

Aggressive Disinfectant Action

Quaternary-based NABC concentrate is a proven one-step cleaner-disinfectant in the presence of moderate amounts of organic soil. NABC concentrate provides 700 ppm of quaternary germicide at use-dilution. Staphylocidal. Pseudomonicidal. Salmonellacidal

Freshness All Around

NABC concentrate's pleasant and unique light floral fragrance incorporates an odor-killing component to deodorize toilet bowls, urinals and surrounding areas. Freshens washrooms, lavatories and restrooms.

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