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SSS® Sterling Jumbo Jr Roll Tissue - 3.54" x 650'

SSS® Sterling Jumbo Jr Roll Tissue - 3.54" x 650'

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Carlisle Flo-Pac® Duo-Sweep® Lobby Broom

Two handle holes; one angled, one upright. Black stiff filament for heavier sweeping. 4" bristle trim.

Alternate #3686003

Carlisle Flo-Pac® Toothbrush Style Utility Brush - Nylon

Great for small jobs, tight area and detail work on ceramic tile, small parts, seams, threads, and soldered joints. Wood handle. 7 1/4". 1/2" trim.

Alternate #3613N00

Eureka® RD Upright Belt

For use on 600, 800, 1400, 1900, 2000, 2100, 4000, 5000, 6400 series. For optimum performance, change your belt at least every 12 months.

Alternate #52100B
$1.60/EA 500/CS

GOJO® Purell® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Soothing Gel

Fresh scent, with Aloe and Vitamin E. Kills 99.99% of most illness causing germs without damaging skin. Clinically-proven to maintain skin health. America's #1 Instant Hand Sanitizer. 12 oz., 12 per case.

Alternate #3639-12
$9.58/EA 12/CS

Magnolia Flagged Black Plastic Angle Broom

Flagged black plastic is secured in an angled plastic cap. 12" angled sweeping surface enables you to sweep hard to reach corners and crevices. 48" metal handle; 55" overall length. Head size: 9"; Trim at peak: 6 3/4". Handles packed separately.

Alternate #463

Softsoap® Antibacterial Hand Soap - 7.5 oz

#1 liquid hand soap. Clinically proven to eliminate 99% of germs. Gently cleans without leaving hands feeling dry. Dermatologist-tested.

Alternate #26238

SSS® 2 Sided Wet Floor Sign - English/Spanish, Yellow

Economical wet floor sign communicates need for caution in English/Spanish. Folds up for convenient storage.

Alternate #22001

SSS® Deodorant Block - 4 oz., Cherry

Air activated to begin freshening the air and eliminating offensive odors right away. Made from 100% para-chlorobenzene with a saturated deodorant fragrance. Quickly eliminates urinal odors. Lasts up to 30 days. 12 per carton, 12 cartons per case.

Alternate #08062

SSS® NexGen PK Microfiber Frame - 16" x 5"

Designed for the pocket (PK) style microfiber mops in a pre-treat system. Collapsible frame easily slides into pocket mops for no-touch operation. Reduces risk of contamination. Quick connect fitting. Easily swivels around hard to reach areas, under furniture. Light in weight, less strain, easy to use. 10 per case.

Alternate #19020